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Dear Visitor:


Thank you for visiting our Resource Center!   Please hear me when I say that there is a special role for you to play in the successful outcome of this upgrade. First, we ask you to visit our **FSRC Resource Center** and explore each area of support by clicking on the buttons. We have prayerfully and wisely chosen resources for you as well as for future visitors.  There is a lot of amazing content inside. If you need to pause that is perfectly acceptable.  Place visiting FSRC on your schedule and return later, the Center is always accessible.  It is important that you understand that the same Holy Spirit that led and guided us in this expansion is also asking you to engage. Will you say yes?


Once you have thoroughly explored the opportunities and possibilities, the next step is vital. Please click on the close (X) button on the FSRC Resource Center's page and take our survey! Also, if you feel that Family Synergy Now offers value to the Viewer, please help us to get the word out by recommending it to family, friends or groups.

Thank you in advance; indeed, we are better together! 


Be Blessed!!!

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