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There is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for every matter under heaven—Eccel. 3:1

                IT’S TIME for prodigals to return to the Lord and their families

                IT’S TIME for the promises to come forth

                IT’S TIME  for healings to be made manifest

                IT’S TIME for resurrection power

                IT’S TIME for the impossible to be reality

                IT’S TIME for revival

                IT’S TIME for the sons of God to manifest

                IT’S TIME for the Glory of the LORD to be seen and felt

                IT'S TIME for resurrection power


                IT'S TIME for creative miracles


                IT'S TIME for the visions you've tarried for to spring forth

                 IT'S TIME for the sevenfold return of what the enemy has stolen

                 IT'S TIME for the glory of the LORD to be revealed

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