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Business                                         Membership

members benefits

Member Benefits Include:

  • We are committed to supporting your business in gaining recognition and patronage for your exceptional work.

  • Your organization will be awarded a certificate to acknowledge your support of our charitable services to the community through the FSRC Business Exchange Center.

  • Honored as Entrepreneur of the Month!

  • Your business is listed in our online "Business Directory," complete with a link to your company's website.​

  • You will gain access to high-quality, pertinent resources and educational materials.

  • We will enhance your business's visibility through various platforms.

  • Networking opportunities 

  • You have the chance to compose and publish a blog post for our subscribers.

  • Your family and business will be added to the ministry's prayer wall for spiritual protection and blessings.

member register

Becoming a Business Member is now more convenient than ever. With your one-time annual donation, you're not just supporting financially; you're also gaining a Business Membership. We don't charge a membership fee. As a non-profit, we rely on your generosity to pay it forward, enabling us to keep our services and outreach programs accessible to all. Together, we create a synergy that strengthens our community.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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