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The proclamation declares and reinforces the words written in Isaiah 61:1-3 where it was prophesied by Isaiah and fulfilled by Jesus years later in Luke 4:18-19 when He read this scriptural prophecy in the synagogue proclaiming the good news of restoration to all who would believe the Spirit of Lord God was upon Him!

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The message

The message is an age-old message of sin, repentance, and forgiveness.   It has its origin in the word that the Prophet Malachi prophesied to God’s covenant people regarding what He would do in the future in Malachi 4:5–6… “The Era of family” is all about Jehovah removing the curses off of the land (families) which in turn will release His abundant blessings!  God has also given us practical guidelines to activate, demonstrate and allow families to become recipients of what Jesus fulfilled long ago! In doing so you will be proclaiming “The Era of Family”!  It is a very simple yet powerful strategy to break the curse off of our land and receive the blessings of God through focus on the family.  Our message is not with persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power! (I Cor. 2:4 amp)

If what you have read so far has touched your heart, then please go to our podcast  and listen to recording, subscribe to our website and let us know that you are ready to take the next step in this great strategy.

Be Blessed

Era of Family website media(1).png
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